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Teatre en anglès per als alumnes de 1r d’ESO


Els alumnes de 1r d’ESO han gaudit d’una nova obra al teatre del CIDE. Han disfrutat del terrorífic espectacle “Creepy”, realitzat per la companyia “Teatre de Vellut”. Voleu saber més d’aquesta història feta íntegrament en anglès?


“The most horrifying and hilarious story you have ever seen”

We are in the 1940’s. John Mortimer, a successful tradesman, and his secretary, Mary Mcavoy, have just arrived at an old, large and terrifying manor.

Mr. Mortimer has just bought it with the intentions of turning it into a prosperous business.

They are welcomed by Ekaterina, a strange housekeeper. Ekaterina is not specially thrilled by the idea that the house where she has always lived ends up in some strangers hands with dodgy intentions, so she will do all within her power to avoid it.

Will Ekaterina get her own way and put an end to the plans of John and Mary? Is Mr. Mortimer as clean-cut as he seems? Will Miss Mcavoy survive the housekeeper’s curse?”




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